Site Launch

After a long time of dabbling in translations I figured it was about time I actually posted something.
Welcome to Straus corp, where Chuuni translations are delivered at your door. This whole project started when I was bored one morning and decided to translate Kara No Kyoukai to kill the time. Back then I never intended to actually publish it, but here we are.
As it stands now, I will be releasing KnK chapter by chapter, rather than arc by arc. This pacing is perfect for the casual nature I have in mind for the project, and I feel it will keep readers up to date on a regular basis.
Now, I don’t intend to turn this into a Type Moon translation blog or anything of the sort, I have other projects in mind including visual novels and light novels alike. I chose Kara no Kyoukai as my first project due to it not having a finished translation. Well, a good one at any rate.
Keep in mind as of now I have no plans to touch any of Type Moon’s visual novels, at best I will consider working on other light novels they have published. And even then TM as a whole is low on my priority list.
Now without further ado, Strauss Corp is official open for business.